Friday, February 28, 2014

Join us for the group distant healing event for animals on 1 March 2014

Group distant healing event for animals

Saturday, 1 March 2014

All animals everywhere are welcome to be part of this event

The Earth Heal Clinic will be hosting a distant healing event for all animals around the world this Saturday, 1 March. The treatment process will be starting at 5 pm GMT/Universal Time, and will continue for about 3 hours, ending around 8 pm GMT/Universal Time.

To view the starting time in your part of the world, please go to this link at the World Clock.

All pets and animals everywhere are welcome to join us for this event. There is no charge, but we welcome donations, which will go directly towards pet food and veterinary fees for animals currently being cared for as part of our rescue efforts in the rural interior of bahia, Brazil.

The treatment will be facilitated in Bahia, Brazil by Edna Spennato, working under guidance from the collective Higher Self of the group.

Seven surrogates, in South Africa, the United Kingdom, the USA, and different parts of South America will anchor incoming healing energy during the treatment process and release energies “no longer needed” on behalf of the participants and the planetary morphic field as a whole.
General Info

During the treatment process, each animal and human participant will be worked on individually and as part of the group, anchoring the planetary healing energies in their part of the world for the larger collective consciousness of the animal kingdom, releasing disharmonic energy and receiving healing energy on an individual and collective level. We use a cutting-edge distant healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics.

If you would like to have your pet or another animal included in this event, please e-mail us their details and pics as soon as possible, and no later than noon on Saturday, 1 March.

There is still time to include your animal friends in this event, so please send details and pics of your own pets, as well as homeless animals or animals in difficult situations by noon on Saturday, 1 March.

On a planetary level

During the treatment, we will be working with all the individual animals included as participants, as well as on a planetary level. Though we never know in advance what will 'come up' on a planetary level, some of the possible focuses this time include:
  • The relationship between humans and the animal kingdom
  • Inhumane factory farming
  • The use of animals for military purposes
  • The plight of domestic and farm animals that are abandoned during times of human crisis, as in Detroit and Fukushima.
  • The situation of sea animals in the Pacific Ocean, now extremely contaminated by radiation from Fukushima
  • The plight of animals in zoos and circuses throughout the world, with particular focus on the inhumane breeding programs in zoos, which allow zoos to kill healthy 'unwanted' animals born in zoos.
  • The suffering of the thousands of animals being experimented on in laboratories throughout the world.
  • The hunting of dolphins in Taji Cove, Japan and the Fargo Islands, Denmark
  • The killing of dolphins and whales by military sonar
  • The inhumane killing of thousands of dogs in Sochi, Russia, before the Winter Olympics. More here.
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>> Links related to annual membership to Earth Heal

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Please support our work with animals in Brazil

Greetings, friends. This month we are making a heart-felt request for your assistance in helping the homeless and abandoned animals here in rural Bahia where we are based.

Please consider making a donation towards the work we do for street dogs and cats and abandoned kittens and puppies.

At this time we are asking specifically for assistance with:

1. Veterinary costs (totaling $500) for the spaying (sterilization/castration) of two rescued kittens (more info below), and

2. Costs related to a daily feeding and caring program we have started for the street dogs of the village (currently totaling $10 per day or $300 per month, but we would like to expand this to help more animals - more info below).

1. Fauna and Miaowrio Lanza - veterinary costs 

Fauna and Miaowrio are brother and sister kittens who were abandoned in a box and dumped in the middle of the village when they were around 3 or 4 weeks old, in October last year. Edna came across them and took them home, hoping to find another home for them at some point. 
They are now around 4 months old and both needing to be protected from unwanted parenthood. The little female, who we named Fauna, has just been sterilised. The costs for the surgery and post-op medicine came to around $250 (US dollars). Veterinary work is expensive here in the rural areas of Brazil, where properly qualified vets are rare and in demand, the nearest one being in the city of Seabra, two hours from here by road.
Fauna (left) just after being spayed, and Miaowrio Lanza (right)

We will need to raise the same amount (around $250) to have her brother Miaowrio castrated soon. (He was named Miaowrio Lanza because of his very strong voice and his ability to hold a single note for an extraordinary length of time! :)

The reason that the dear boy should have the surgery is that there are many unwanted litters of kittens being born here, due to people not sterilising their female cats or castrating their male cats. It would be unethical for us to contribute to that problem. Also, uncastrated male cats tend to get into fights and get beaten up a lot, and they pick up sexually transmitted diseases. A vet informed us that there are around 22 cat diseases in this area that are spread through sexual contact....
So it is necessary for Miaowrio to have the surgery in the next month or two, but in the meantime Fauna has been spayed and is safe from an unwanted pregnancy!
If you can spare a small donation towards the vet costs for Fauna and Miaowrio, we would be very grateful. Please make a donation of your own choice at this link.
Every small donation is a big help to us. If we reach our total of $500 for the vet costs, any additional funds for Fauna and Miaowrio will be used towards their ongoing care. It's looking as though they will remain here with us and the other four cats and two dogs, all of which were rescued from the road when they were kittens and puppies.
2. The street dogs feeding program
There are no animal help organizations in existence here, and although the plight of street animals in this rural part of Bahia is not as bad as it is in the cities, the dogs and cats that land up on the street due to abandonment or neglect have a tough time and most of them are very thin and badly in need of care.

Since moving here two years ago, we have gotten into the habit of always going out with some dry dog food in a packet, knowing we would inevitably run into a dog needing a meal. More recently we started making a big pot of rice and veggies with bits of chicken or meat in it for the 6 or 7 street dogs who are usually to be found in the village center. It costs about $1 a day to provide a nutritious meal for one dog.

If we are able to raise some funds for this feeding project, we will be able to expand it to include more homeless dogs, hopefully get some of the females spayed, and provide them with some of the basic medications they need here e.g. anti-tick and flea medication, de-wormer etc.

Please consider making a donation to enable us to help them.
If you would like to make a regular monthly contribution towards ongoing costs of feeding and caring for Fauna, Miaowrio or any of the other rescued cats and dogs in our care, or the street animals who are part of our outreach program, please send us a mail at earthhealadmin [at] gmail [dot] com to arrange it. 

To make a once-off donation, please go to this link or if you do not wish to use PayPal to make your donation, there are other payment options (scan down).


There are very few animal rescue organizations in Brazil and none in the regions in which we have been based since mid-2006. For this reason, we have always provided a small rescue centre and refuge for homeless animals first in the north east coast of Brazil, and for the past 2 years in the interior of Bahia, Brazil, where we provide dogs and cats (many of them abandoned litters) with food, love, veterinary care (sterilizations etc.) and energy work until we are able to find permanent homes for them.